New funding available to help businesses go green and save money

A new funding stream was launched on July 17, 2019 as part of the Government of Canada’s Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. Whether you’re a business that has been waiting for an opportunity to take on additional sustainability projects or a business that is just starting to consider more energy efficient alternatives in your operations, this incentive program can help.

The CAIF SME Project Stream provides a $20K – $250K funding incentive to offset 25% of the cost of energy savings projects in a wide range of areas, including building retrofits, transportation, and waste — making it easier for smaller businesses, in particular, to make these impactful investments.

Application Period / Timeline

  • 90 days starting July 17, 2019 (or until funding exhausted)
  • Approval is expected to take approximately 25 days from receipt of application after which time work can begin

Applicant Guide

How To Apply

The government is using an online tool to handle applications:


  • Small enterprises: 1-99 employees
  • Medium enterprises: 100-499 employees

Rebate Amount

  • Up to 25% of total costs
  • Minimum funding $20,000 on an $80,000 project
  • Maximum funding $250,000 on a $1,000,000 project

Project Categories

Virtually ANY energy efficiency project will be accepted, including:

  • Agricultural retrofits
  • Building retrofits
  • Electricity, energy or fuel production
  • Industrial process improvements
  • Transportation retrofits
  • Waste Management

 Selection Criteria

  • First come, first served until funds are exhausted
  • Project cannot increase overall GHG emissions (i.e. fuel switching to a less efficient fuel)

Support From Green Economy Hubs

Are you a business that want to take advantage of the opportunity to go green but don’t know how to get started? Contact your local Green Economy Hub

Hubs in Hamilton and Burlington, Kingston, London, Ottawa, Sudbury, Waterloo Region, and York Region support businesses with reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while becoming more economically competitive. Green Economy Hubs provide tools, guidance, and a network of businesses to learn from so that any organization can take action on climate change and seize the business benefits of going green.

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