We work in communities across Canada to accelerate Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.

How We Work With Communities

Green Economy Canada works with community partners to launch and grow Green Economy Hubs — a proven model for engaging local businesses in taking climate action and building sustainability into their operations.

Green Economy Hubs

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and businesses have a critical role to play in solving this challenge.

Green Economy Hubs work with local businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets — bringing together, supporting, and celebrating businesses as they achieve their goals. To date, over 500 businesses have collectively reduced over 200,000 tonnes of GHGs — the equivalent of the energy needed to power 46,000 homes or taking over 60,000 cars off the road for one year.

While each Green Economy Hub is adapted to meet the needs of the local community, all Hubs follow the same four core approaches.


Hubs are focused on transforming communities and are developed and led with the buy-in and support of local stakeholders.


Hubs engage local businesses of all sectors and sizes to take climate action and build sustainability into their operations.


Hubs work to financially sustain their impact through the membership fees businesses pay for the support they receive.


Hubs work with businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets and publicly report on progress.

Transforming Businesses and Communities

Green Economy Hubs are the go-to place for businesses sustainability. Advance the arrows to explore how Hubs help to transform businesses and communities and create a tipping point for a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.


We couldn’t be more excited about supporting London businesses through the new Hub. Not only will Green Economy London complement our existing programs, but Green Economy Hubs are a proven way of engaging businesses to incentivize them to tackling climate change and improving business sustainability.

Skylar Franke, Former Executive Director, London Environmental Network
(host organization of Green Economy London)

How We Support Green Economy Hubs

Training and Resources

We guide you through a 7-step process to launch your Hub, and provide training and resources to help you accelerate its growth and impact.

Tailored Support

With over 10 years of experience in launching and growing Hubs, we provide 1:1 coaching and access to partnerships along your journey to help your Hub succeed.

Amplified Impact

We leverage the scale and collective impact of Green Economy Hubs to advocate for policies and secure funding to advance your on-the-ground efforts. We share your stories nationally to give you and your Green Economy Leaders greater recognition, and showcase the greater movement happening across Canada.

A Supportive Community of Practice

We are not just a network of Hubs — we are a community of people, like you! From our online community to in-person retreats and events, learning from and connecting with smart, passionate people working towards the same goal is one of the highest value benefits of being a Hub in the Green Economy Canada network.

Learn how to start a Green Economy Hub in your community.