About Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada is a national non-profit accelerating Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.

Engaging businesses to transform our economy.

We launch and grow Green Economy Hubs that bring together, support, and celebrate businesses of all sectors and sizes in setting and achieving sustainability targets. In doing so, we’re creating stronger economies and more resilient communities across Canada.

Sharing successes and developing partnerships to build a movement.

We amplify success stories of business sustainability efforts to demonstrate what’s possible and inspire others to follow suit. We foster collaboration across government, business, academia, and non-profit sectors to drive innovation and scale impact.

Informing green policies and investments to create systems change.

We draw from the experience of our national network to raise awareness of the barriers businesses face to making the net-zero transition, and recommend solutions to advance and accelerate business sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our work we’re advancing: