When the green economy takes centre stage

By Richard Eberhardt, Development & Communications Director

Canada’s green economy is growing. Whenever a business makes a key investment in clean technology, a retrofit of an aging facility, or implements a sustainability initiative, Canada’s green economy grows. It’s happening every day, but for most of us the change is hard to see.

Green Economy Hubs are not only accelerating this change, but bringing it to the forefront.

By working with and recognizing local businesses (Green Economy Leaders) leading on sustainability action, Hubs put the growing green economy in the spotlight. By telling the stories of Green Economy Leaders in their community and sharing the positive impact they are having through their actions — for the environment and for their bottom line — the business case for sustainability grows stronger every day.

In each of these communities, there is also one day every year when the green economy takes center stage.

Each Hub hosts an annual recognition event where local Green Economy Leaders are celebrated by peers and community leaders. These welcoming, accessible public events — typically featuring high-profile speakers from Canada’s environmental movement — provide an opportunity for those interested in the green economy to meet and connect with the people who are actively building it. Awards are given out to those who have gone above and beyond — forward-thinking businesses and individuals who have demonstrated that it is possible to be economically successful and environmentally sustainable at the same time.

Whether it’s awards artfully crafted from reused materials or swing dancing, these events take on the local flavour of each Hub and their community. They are a way to bring the community together to celebrate the progress of their local sustainability movement.

The result is that each spring, there is a rich tapestry of recognition events, putting a spotlight directly on the green economy. Local and regional media take notice, and coverage is found in print, TV, radio, and online. Social media engagement hits its peak as many of the community’s most recognizable leaders are sharing the same message: the green economy is here, the green economy is growing, the green economy is what we need.

As we move into the recognition season, we hope you’ll join us at a local event near you to celebrate and further share this message.

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