Sustainability CoLab Launch: Fellow Mike Morrice’s Expansion to Target Climate Change

In celebration of Sustainability CoLab’s launch in January 2014, the following article appeared on Ashoka Canada‘s website.

Launch PhotosThis post was written by Ashoka Intern Sophia Faria.

With a gathering of over 225 people to celebrate the Sustainability CoLab launch event, a vision turned into reality for Ashoka Fellow Mike Morrice and his team at Sustainable Waterloo Region. Morrice truly believes “good ideas cannot be held back, particularly not at a time of so many converging crises”. There was no holding back at the event with a mix of senior representatives and sustainability leaders gathered to hear key announcements about Sustainability CoLab’s Staff, Board, Funders and the first five communities selected to join the CoLab Network.

Sustainability CoLab is leading the way in building networks of businesses and communities dedicated to take actions on climate change by setting and reaching carbon reduction targets.  Speakers at the event reiterated that this is not about franchising the model created by Sustainable Waterloo Region but rather about adapting it to the needs of different communities and sectors. The communities involved are not only interested in reducing carbon emissions but also in normalizing practices to create a future in which tackling climate change is a norm for success in business and life. In faciliating 20 percent of the Ontario workforce to set and reach carbon reducing targets, Sustainability CoLab is contributing to a systematic shift.

Initiatives like Sustainability CoLab provide hope that we can do something to avoid climate catastrophe, it can motivate and encourage exactly the kind of work we need. This can and will change political and economic calculus around climate change. 
– Matthew Hoffmann, Sustainability CoLab Board Member 

Three Cheers to the Sustainability CoLab Team and all of its partners!

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