Save the date for CoLab Connects 2017

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What will it take to achieve our goal of a thriving and sustainable economy?

At Sustainability CoLab, we’re proud to power a growing and inclusive network of organizations driving the low-carbon economy in Ontario. A network that includes high tech companies, colleges and universities, restaurants, and municipalities, and where we recently welcomed a First Nations community and an international airport. A network that is bringing unlikely participants into the fold and demonstrating that everyone can contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable economy.

Join us at CoLab Connects 2017 to hear why these diverse players have come together through the CoLab Network to pave the way for a more sustainable future. We’ll explore the value of creating an inclusive movement in shifting business as usual, and the role that diversity and belonging play in creating the scale of change needed. We’ll also hear from other groups working to accelerate Canada’s transition to a sustainable economy. You’ll hear diverse perspectives, likely some points of disagreement, but ultimately, how we will all need to work in concert to accomplish this daunting, but achievable, goal.

A new economy is on the horizon. Join us to see why you, and all Canadians, belong here.

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