Growing the low-carbon economy in Edmonton

Green Economy Canada is thrilled to share that we have been selected to deliver the City of Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP).

Now in its third year, the CCLP aims to accelerate the transition to a thriving low-carbon economy by supporting Edmonton businesses to reduce their GHG emissions, realize cost savings, and stay resilient and competitive in the face of new regulations and climate-related disruptions.

CCLP members set and publicly report back on their GHG reduction commitments, and are supported and recognized by the City of Edmonton as they work towards their goals. 

This year, 20 new organizations joined the CCLP — bringing the total number of members to 58 — including large corporations; multinational banks; local and national non-profit organizations; transportation and logistics firms; post-secondary institutions; real-estate development and construction firms; and property management and leasing companies. 

The following organizations have also decided to work with Green Economy Canada for deeper support to meet their CCLP program commitments. We are excited to support them in lowering their GHG emissions while maximizing the organizational benefits of taking climate action and becoming the newest Green Economy Leaders. 

Members of the CCLP will be well-positioned to educate and inspire their staff, customers, vendors, and peers by bringing sustainability to the front and centre of their business operations.

In a year where we have all grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inspiring to see businesses continue to make commitments to climate action and to building back in a way that will create a more sustainable and resilient economy.

We look forward to supporting the efforts of organizations in the Corporate Climate Leaders Program to help accelerate the low-carbon transition in Edmonton.

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