En Route to Paris – A low carbon economy is emerging in Ontario communities

In June 2015, Mike Morrice appeared as a guest blogger in The McConnell Foundation’s COP21 Blog Series.

Excerpt from Blog:

“Why wouldn’t this work anywhere else?”

That was the question that inspired us to create Sustainability CoLab three years ago, followed quickly by the question that has kept us focused since: “And what influence could a whole network of these programs have together?” Now 15 months since CoLab launched—and as momentum builds towards Paris this December – we can begin to share how the low-carbon economy is taking root in communities across Ontario.

Today, the program that inspired us to create CoLab – Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) – continues to thrive. The RCI brings together a roster of unlikely players employing 14% of Waterloo Region’s workforce in a shared sustainability journey: learning from each other, connected to a network of support, and reporting back on results against targets to reduce their carbon impact.

Meanwhile, six other organizations across Ontario have begun to not only adapt this program for their communities, but to innovate on top of what’s been tried already.Together this network of networks criss-crosses the province; a hub of Ontario’s low-carbon economy.

Read the full Blog here

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