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Green Economy Canada Launches a Climate Action Boot Camp

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Climate Action Boot Camp for Canadian businesses! This is a free, introductory program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) developed by Green Economy Canada, and made possible thanks to the support of RBC

The Climate Action Boot Camp is designed to give organizations an accessible on-ramp to learn about their carbon footprint and how they can become stronger and more resilient through climate action. It is a great opportunity for organizations to get started on their sustainability journey for free and with minimal time commitment (~5 hours). 

“The need to address climate change is greater than ever, and we will not be able to make the transition to a low-carbon future without the 1.2M businesses in Canada doing their part, “ says Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director of Green Economy Canada. “While a growing number of businesses are taking steps to reduce their emissions, the vast majority are at a much earlier stage of awareness and readiness to make sustainability a priority. This Boot Camp is a great first step for these organizations who are just beginning their sustainability journey.” 

In joining the Boot Camp, participants will:

  • Attend a virtual introductory workshop in March 2023 on why the world is shifting towards a net-zero future and implications for businesses. 
  • Gather their 2022 utility bills and submit to Green Economy Canada to receive a Carbon Footprint Snapshot for their organization. 
  • Attend a second workshop in April 2023 to get tangible ideas for how to reduce their emissions and energy costs. 

Thanks to RBC, all participants who successfully complete the boot camp will be eligible for a 50% discount (up to $1,500) for one year, to join a Hub in Green Economy Canada’s national non-profit network. A membership will allow an organization to have access to the guidance, tools and resources they need to move from awareness to action and join our growing network of 250+ Green Economy Leaders.

“We believe that awareness is key to addressing and scaling solutions focused on the pressing environmental challenges our communities are facing,” said Mark Beckles, Vice-President, Social Impact & Innovation, RBC. “That’s why we’re committed to increasing access to resources like the Green Economy Canada Climate Bootcamp for Canadian small businesses that are on their net-zero journey. Small Businesses play an important role in creating sustainable change across the country.”

The Boot Camp is open to Canadian organizations of all sectors, including non-profits and charities. In particular, the organizations who will benefit the most from the Boot Camp are:

  • SMEs located in Canada
  • Organizations that reside in a building (headquarters, sales offices, storefronts, etc.)
    and have access to utility bills. 
  • At the beginning stages of taking climate action and have not yet measured their carbon footprint.  
  • All sectors are eligible, including non-profits and charities. 

Equity deserving groups are especially encouraged to participate.*

*Equity deserving groups are defined for the purpose of this program as populations that are underrepresented in relation to other groups because of structural and societal obstacles and disparities. Equity deserving groups include, but are not limited to, women, 2SLGBTQ+, Indigenous peoples, racialized peoples, youth (under age 30), and persons with disabilities.

Contact Royce Bodaly, Climate Boot Camp Manager at if you have any questions.