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Founding Member Spotlight: Swell Made Co.

We’re proud to welcome Swell Made Co. as a Founding Member of Green Economy Canada’s new National Hub. In joining our network of Green Economy Leaders, they are supporting a national movement of organizations leading Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.

In this Founding Member Spotlight, Lesley Robb, Owner and Designer of Swell Made Co., shares more about their organization and why they decided to join the National Hub.

Welcome to the National Hub, Swell Made Co.! Tell us a bit about your organization.

Swell Made Co. is a Canadian brand that designs simple, yet bold paper goods and gifts for swell people. Our products can be found online and in 400+ independent shops across North America. Swell Made Co. was founded in 2014 with the vision of creating simple, but significant stationery and gifts that encourage connection and joy. We currently have one full-time employee and work with an extensive team of contractors and suppliers.

Swell Made Co. was founded in Toronto and is currently based in Halifax.

Tell us a little about your sustainability journey so far.

We know that small businesses have tremendous agency to do good in their communities and in the world. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Swell Made demonstrates our commitment to sustainability in the following ways:

  • Educating girls and supporting reproductive rights through our donations to Plan Canada;
  • Respect for Indigenous lands and knowledge through our sponsorship of TRACKS Youth Program;
  • Sustainable paper, printing and packaging;
  • Ethical manufacturing;
  • Diversity and inclusion in our supply chains, partnerships and content creation;
  • Supporting small business and local economies.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) make up 98% of all businesses in Canada. Collectively SMEs, including our own, have a tremendous opportunity to be a force for good. As leaders in their local communities, they can have a direct impact on climate action and sustainability. Every SME brings a unique set of talents, strengths and perspectives to addressing social and environmental justice. Right now, we need all of them to reimagine business and a better future for all.

Why did you join Green Economy Canada?

Swell Made Co. was a Founding Member of the local Green Economy Hub in Peterborough. Upon relocating to Nova Scotia, we are proud to become a National Hub member to continue our sustainability journey with the guidance of Green Economy Canada (GEC).

In 2021, we realized we could only do so much alone and need the support of an organization like GEC. GEC helps you uncover incredibly important data, backed by evidence and education, that empowers you to make informed decisions about your business. From starting to advancing in your sustainability journey, GEC is a trusted partner in making real change. They also make it fun! Connecting with members across Canada through events is a bonus in creating solidarity.

What is your advice for organizations starting their sustainability journey?

Doing something is better than doing nothing. As you embark on your sustainability journey, start small. Your confidence, capacity and impact will grow over time. Engage everyone on your team and in your network to generate ideas, support and most importantly, hope. As with anything in your business, it takes commitment.

Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your sustainability story with us so far and we’re excited to start working with you.

The National Hub is made possible thanks to our Founding Partners Co-operators and HSBC Canada.

Don’t delay, start your sustainability journey today!

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