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Founding Member Spotlight: Harvest Recycling

We are proud to welcome Harvest Recycling as a Founding Member of Green Economy Canada’s new National Hub! They join a growing movement of businesses leading Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.

In this Founding Member Spotlight, Peter Olorundimu, CEO of Harvest Recycling shares more about their organization and why they decided to join the National Hub.

Welcome to the National Hub, Harvest Recycling! Tell us a bit about your organization.

Harvest Recycling provides an efficient waste and recycling collection system for residential and commercial places in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help organizations achieve maximum diversion from the landfill through our innovative collection and processing system. We started operations in 2010.

Tell us a little about your sustainability journey so far.

Something that we’re proud of is that we’ve helped numerous organizations meet the by-law requirements for the city of Calgary landfill diversion mandate. This has helped organizations get a better understanding of how to recycle properly and set reasonable landfill diversion goals. We have researched how to create an efficient collection system from source to processing sites to end product. This will enable reasonable rates for collection and ensure more waste is diverted from landfill.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

There are too many consequences of not taking climate action and we have the opportunity to help other organizations be more sustainable. The amount of land that can be preserved and emissions that can be reduced from waste diversion is a lot so we’re excited to be able to do that for the city of Calgary and all who live here.

Why did you join Green Economy Canada?

We joined Green Economy Canada because they provide a platform for like-minded organizations to build sustainability into their operations, which will put us in a better position to help our customers with their own sustainability efforts.

What is your advice for organizations starting their sustainability journey?

Start small, be consistent with your efforts, and build on what you’re doing.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your sustainability story with us so far and we’re excited to start working with you.

The National Hub is made possible thanks to our Founding Partners Co-operators and HSBC Canada.

Don’t delay, start your sustainability journey today!

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