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Climate Action Support Now Available to Businesses Across Canada

On the heels of the launch of Green Economy New Brunswick, we’re excited to announce the launch of another Green Economy Hub to support businesses in setting and achieving sustainability goals. The National Hub will provide businesses without access to a local Green Economy Hub the guidance, tools, and peer network they need to take action on climate change and build sustainability into their operations. The launch of the National Hub is made possible thanks to our founding partner, Co-operators.

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Climate change is the defining issue of our time and businesses have a critical role to play in enabling the transition to a thriving low-carbon economy. Many businesses are concerned about climate change and are keen to take action, especially given increasing employee, customer and investor pressure, supply chain disruptions, and increasing climate regulations. However, knowing how to navigate a sustainability journey can be challenging, whether you’re just starting out or are further along. 

Green Economy Hubs help businesses of all sectors and sizes take meaningful climate action while becoming stronger and more resilient for the future. They provide training, resources and 1:1 support to help businesses measure their carbon footprint, set reduction targets, and develop and implement action plans to achieve their goals. Hub Members have the opportunity to learn and share best practices with peers and external experts, and be publicly recognized for their work as Green Economy Leaders both locally and nationally.  

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While there are currently nine Green Economy Hubs across Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario, many businesses across Canada don’t have access to a local Hub who can support them in their sustainability journey. The launch of a National Hub provides an avenue for these businesses to join the Green Economy Canada network and get support virtually until a local Hub exists in their region. With the urgency to address climate change greater than ever, finding ways to accelerate the numbers of businesses engaged in the low-carbon transition is critical to ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for generations to come.

“We’re delighted to launch a National Hub with the support of Co-operators,” said Priyanka Lloyd, Green Economy Canada’s Executive Director. “Many businesses have expressed interest in joining our network, but we haven’t yet had an ability to engage with them if they reside outside of existing Hub regions. Some communities are too small to launch their own Hub but have local business needs and interest in receiving support to make the low-carbon transition.  The National Hub allows us to engage with businesses in rural, urban, anglophone and francophone communities across the country, while we continue to launch and grow local Hubs.”

“Small and medium-sized businesses have a significant role to play in advancing Canada’s sustainability targets. As a catalyst for a sustainable society, Co-operators is committed to helping these businesses join the green economy. The launch of Green Economy Canada’s National Hub provides an accessible way for businesses in any sector to take meaningful action on sustainability, thereby contributing to more resilient communities,” said Chad Park, Vice-President, Sustainability and Citizenship at Co-operators.

Ready to make business better, together? Join our network and become part of a national movement of businesses leading Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.  We can help you to reduce your emissions and affect larger-scale change while saving money, engaging employees, and building your reputation as a Green Economy Leader. Connect with us today.


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Thanks to our Founding Partner, Co-operators, for making our National Hub possible.