New Leaf


Hub: Green Economy London

Pulling people into the sustainable food systems movement, one delicious plant-based meal at a time, New Leaf cares deeply about nurturing the bond between people, plants, and the planet. Husband and Wife, Andy and Anne Marie Coughlin founded New Leaf Planet Based Food in 2020. Anne Marie is a traditional herbalist and teacher, driven to reunite people‘s connection with plants. Andy left his corporate gig in 2019 to reignite his life–long passion for making food so delicious that it consumes you! Together, they create a fusion of great–tasting, nourishing food made with gratitude to the earth that offers it. New Leaf‘s mission is to contribute to a food industry that supports people‘s mindful consumption of healthy plants. They are passionate about gathering communities around food and work to better understand and share information with the public about the impact of our food choices. By partnering with local farmers, bakers and using non–toxic, biodegradable take–out containers, New Leaf sees itself as both a literal and metaphorical vehicle that can support the existing community working to create a more sustainable and thoughtful food system.


Accommodation and food services



Date Joined:

February 26, 2021