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Create Your Wave is a leading supplier of Electric Surfboards (known as the M-11) and Electric Skateboards (known as the Apex).

The meaning behind the name ‘Create Your Wave’ is based upon a life philosophy held by the company’s founder, Brad Anderson, who (for the past 7+ years) has sought to demonstrate more conscientious ways for people to enjoy their natural surroundings, and commute longer distances, in a more environmentally friendly manner. Speaking about his philosophy, Brad said:
‘Some people let the waves of life push them to where other forces desire them to be. Others make decisions based upon the “now” – never quite getting ahead of their present or past. Then, there are those who sit and wait for the “perfect wave”. These groups tend to miss out on various opportunities. Finally, there are those who create their own wave, and pass by those left waiting in the wings, or being pushed in a set direction. Create your Wave, therefore, represents a conscious and dedicated way of looking at life, and all that one endures and appreciates’.

Create Your Wave prides itself on the development of low carbon technologies, applying the latest best practice techniques to minimize its carbon footprint, and overall impact on the environment.

The M-11 Electric Surfboard was 7 years in the making and incorporates the findings of 11 different Prototypes. The surfboard is electrically powered and has been designed to a high-performance standard which allows for long ride times, short charge times, and low noise levels. The M-11 applies the latest technologies in addition to robust yet lightweight materials to increase its durability.

The Apex is an all-terrain electric skateboard that puts safety in mind. The skateboard comes with regenerative breaks, full/independent suspension, all terrain air tires, and an unfailing blue tooth remote. The Apex can comfortably travel up to 30Km in terms of its range, and can even achieve speeds of up to 50km/h. The Apex is also quiet to operate and can travel up hills to a 60-Degree Grade.

Create your Wave’s products can be viewed here for reference:
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May 15, 2023