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Announcing our New Membership Tracks!

Getting the support you need on your sustainability journey just got easier.

Green Economy Canada is excited to announce the launch of two new membership tracks which now make it easier for any organization to get on the path to a low-carbon, sustainable future. Thanks to funding support from Scotiabank, we’ve created two new accessible membership options so more organizations can join Green Economy Canada’s network. Each track offers a unique gateway into the world of sustainability, tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Whether you are starting to explore climate action or are already deeply committed to becoming a sustainability leader, there’s now a track for you!

Discover Track

Designed to get your organization connected to the leading business sustainability network in Canada, the Discover track is a great introductory, low-commitment option for those who want to learn more about becoming a greener business and get plugged into our community of organizations leading the way to a sustainable future. The Discover track will help you grow your sustainability knowledge, stay informed in a rapidly changing landscape, and inspire you to take the next steps in becoming a greener business.

Insight Track

What gets measured gets managed, and tackling your environmental impacts is no different. Including all of the benefits of the Discover track, the Insight track provides 1:1 support to measure and annually update your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as the first stepping stone for your emissions reduction efforts. The Insight Track is a great option if you have a more limited budget or leadership support but want to get started on your climate action journey by measuring your carbon footprint to lay the foundation for future efforts.

Lead Track

Designed for organizations who are leading or are aspiring to be sustainability leaders, this track is our signature offering. It provides comprehensive support to help businesses set and achieve their sustainability goals and become Green Economy Leaders. It includes all of the benefits of the Discover and Insight tracks, with in-depth hands-on support to take action on climate change and build sustainability into your operations. This track is perfect for organizations who know they want to make sustainability a priority, are ready to future-proof their organization, want to demonstrate leadership, and position themselves to fully thrive in the net-zero transition. For both beginners and more advanced businesses, it provides the best value and is the fastest way to supercharge your sustainability efforts!

“We are delighted to launch these new ways for organizations to get involved in our network. Historically, the only way to join has been through making a commitment to set and work towards sustainability targets to become a Green Economy Leader. This has worked well for organizations who know that they want to make sustainability a priority, and we have hundreds of Green Economy Leaders demonstrating that sustainability and good business go hand in hand. While setting and reporting on sustainability targets is what all organizations need to be doing to thrive in the low-carbon transition, we know that most of the 1.3M businesses in Canada are at a very early stage of awareness for climate action. These new membership offerings developed thanks to funding from Scotiabank will allow us to help more businesses get on the path to building a future ready-business while contributing to Canada’s climate goals.”

Priyanka Lloyd,
Executive Director of Green Economy Canada

“As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients, we’re pleased to work with Green Economy Canada to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to resources to embark on their sustainability journey. Together, we’re committed to helping businesses navigate the path to a low-carbon economy.”

Robyn Chisholm,
Vice President and Head of
Commercial Banking in Western Canada at Scotiabank

Check out our new membership options, and join the hundreds of organizations across the country who are demonstrating that sustainability and good business go hand in hand. Regardless of your budget, size, or stage of sustainability progress, we’ve got the track that’s right for your business. Get in touch to discuss which membership track might be right for you.