Going green is good for business.

“We see a lot of sustainability projects with favourable returns – there are even some instances, like lighting projects, where the cost of the initial investment can be recouped in as little as 3 months.”

Chris Kwiecien, Director of Operations, Hillfield Strathallan College

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Hillfield Strathallan College

Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) an independent, co-educational school that offers programs for toddlers through to Grade 12. HSC has worked to embed a culture of sustainability throughout the school by integrating it into academic programming and strategic plans.

Hillfield Strathallan College

Industry: Educational services
Size: Medium – 250 employees
Hub: Sustainable Business Initiative
Location: Hamilton

Benefiting from Doing the Right Thing

Over the last few years, HSC has undertaken an array of sustainability projects from students leading an application for Ontario’s microFIT Program to get solar panels installed on school property that generate renewable energy for the province’s electricity grid to updating the parking lot and internal lighting to LED systems.

As HSC’s Director of Operations, Chris Kwiecien is responsible for overseeing many of the school’s sustainability initiatives and is proud of how the school uses environmental sustainability as lens in making operational decisions. And while Chris feels that investing in more sustainable options is the right thing to do, it’s often also the smart thing to do.

Just last year, HSC replaced 14,000 fluorescent tube bulbs with LED bulbs for the exterior walls and security lighting and saw a return on investment in 3 months.

Even though HSC was making continual improvements in sustainability, they were not tracking their progress over time. HSC joined the local Green Economy Hub — the Sustainable Business Initiative — in 2018 to get help to measure their emissions baseline, so they could set longer term goals and targets and identifying areas for improvement.

Moving forward, HSC is working with the Sustainable Business Initiative to assess and implement enhanced school bus idling practices and policies throughout its fleet service. This will decrease emissions and save money as school bus routes and activity travel are a significant contributor to HSC’s carbon footprint.

@HillStrath shows that investing in more sustainable options is not just the right thing to do, but often also the smart thing to do. #GreenEconomyLeaders #climateaction

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