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Founding Member Spotlight: AzSpecd Solutions

We are proud to welcome AzSpecd Solutions as a Founding Member of Green Economy Canada’s new National Hub! They join a growing movement of businesses leading Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future.

In this Founding Member Spotlight, Barry Osmun, President of AzSpecd Solutions shares more about their organization and why they decided to join the National Hub.

Welcome to the National Hub, AzSpecd Solutions! Tell us a bit about your organization.

AzSpecd Solutions was created in 2021 to source the most innovative renewable energy solutions in the world with the focus being on products which are aesthetically pleasing, manufactured in North America when possible, and easily integrated into both urban and rural settings. Our belief is that renewable energy should not be invasive, and that buildings and communities need not sacrifice space and aesthetics in order to achieve their renewable energy goals. Our product portfolio reflects this thinking. Currently we operate from Halifax, Nova Scotia with three employees and our reach is Canada-wide.

Tell us a little about your sustainability journey so far.

We have been very active with both private and public sector entities in educating them on alternatives to traditional renewable energy systems, which allow them to integrate green programs in areas where they haven’t in the past. Our first major success story is a partial retrofit of an older student residence at Saint Mary’s University with Mitrex BIPV cladding and solar glass which provides clean energy for the building’s operations. We were also successful in convincing automotive industry giant Phillips and Temro to allow us to market their EvoCharge EV charging systems Canada-wide.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

I have been involved in the construction industry for 35 years and have seen the damage that can be done to the environment by importing and using low-cost construction products. Our goal is to work with vested partners to help create change in building code practices that will incorporate renewable energy products.

Why did you join Green Economy Canada?

It was the collaborative approach to renewables that made the difference. AzSpecd uses a very inclusive and consultative approach to promoting renewable energy and feels that Green Economy Canada shares those views and will work to help remove some of the barriers faced by renewable energy start-ups.

What is your advice for organizations starting their sustainability journey?

The advice I would have is to ensure that you are prepared to invest a minimum of two years developing your company to the point where it achieves profitability. Starting a new business is daunting at the best of times, however starting a business which is focused on the relatively young renewable energy sector can mean that the sales cycle can be even longer. My hope is that as renewable energy solutions become more readily accepted that the journey to success will be faster.

Thank you, Barry, for sharing your sustainability story with us so far and we’re excited to start working with you.

The National Hub is made possible thanks to our Founding Partners Co-operators and HSBC Canada.

Don’t delay, start your sustainability journey today!

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