Helping Edmonton businesses grow and succeed while taking action on climate change.

The City of Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP) supports local businesses to reduce their GHG emissions while saving energy costs, and growing their profile as climate leaders in the community.

As proud partners in this program, Green Economy Canada is excited to help CCLP members successfully meet the program commitments of establishing a corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, developing plans and targets to reduce emissions, and publicly sharing these commitments.

If your business is ready to take action, we are ready to help you maximize the benefits. To learn more, fill out this form or email and our team will be in touch.


How We Support You:

Core Service Package

$1,000 – $5,500 per year depending on organization size; 50% rebate available for organizations of 75 or fewer.

  • Foundational Training:  Three x 3 hour training sessions with your peers from the CCLP covering content on developing a GHG inventory, creating a meaningful reduction plan, setting an ambitious but achievable reduction target, engaging your employees, communicating progress, and sustaining action.
  • Inventory Creation and Management: Support to create a GHG inventory using Green Economy Canada’s carbon accounting tool, following the GHG Protocol. We’ll sit down with you to analyze and interpret results, and update your inventory annually.
  • Access to Green Economy Canada’s Resources: From samples of sustainability policies, to green procurement guides, we can provide different resources from across our network to suit your needs at different stages of your sustainability journey.
  • Member Progress Report:  An annual snapshot summarizing your sustainability progress, and potential opportunities for what comes next.
  • 1:1 Tailored Member Support Hours:  A bank of 6 flexible support hours a year.
  • Added Perks: On-going updates on funding opportunities, access to business sustainability webinars, and a connection to 250 other sustainably-minded businesses across Canada.

Additional Services

Priced individually – contact us for details.

Maximize our support to boost your capacity, engage your employees, and build your brand with these add-on services: 

  • Action Planning Accelerator: Building on our training, we’ll run a session to harvest employee sustainability ideas and further the creation of your reduction plan. 
  • Green Team Booster Pack:  We’ll guide you through a process to recruit a Green Team, develop a Charter to define its vision, goals and activities, and develop a sustainability management plan to stay on top of your sustainability activities. *Included in core service package for businesses with 150+ employees.
  • Employee Energizer: Employee engagement is critical to making progress on your reduction goals and building a culture of sustainability in your organization. Gain access to our network-wide Green Economy Leader Challenge to get your employees energized about going green. 
  • Communications Check-Up:  Are you making the most of your sustainability efforts in your organizational communications? We’ll look at how you’re telling your sustainability story through various channels and identify opportunities to help you better leverage your climate leadership to drive business value. 

Interested in learning more? Fill out this form or email and our team will be in touch.


Green Economy Canada brings a decade of experience working with organizations of all sectors and sizes on emissions reductions. Through community-based Green Economy Hubs and standalone programs like the CCLP, Green Economy Canada is proud to work with a growing network of businesses who are demonstrating a more sustainable economy is possible.