Corporate Climate
Leaders Program

Leading the low-carbon transition in Edmonton

The Corporate Climate Leaders Program is a City of Edmonton led program, designed to support the growing number of Edmonton organizations that are concerned about climate change and want to take action.

Green Economy Canada is proud to partner with the City of Edmonton to deliver its Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP). Now in its fourth year, the CCLP continues to attract new organizations that want to lead the transition to a thriving low-carbon economy. CCLP members are reducing their GHG emissions, realizing cost savings, and staying resilient and competitive in the face of new regulations and climate-related disruptions.

Green Economy Canada is leveraging our expertise and experience to help CCLP members meet their commitments while maximizing all the potential benefits of taking sustainability action.

Organizations that work with Green Economy Canada receive ongoing and tailored 1-on-1 support on their sustainability journey, including:

  • Training and sustainability resources
  • GHG inventory creation and annual progress reports
  • Green team and employee engagement support
  • Profile-building opportunities
  • Access to network-wide events and special projects

Additionally, they are recognized as a Green Economy Leader in working with us to take credible action.

Corporate Climate Leaders Program

If you would like more information about working with Green Economy Canada or joining the CCLP, please contact Joshua Buck, CCLP Program Manager at