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Walker Emulsions

Walker Emulsions provides both wax and asphalt emulsions to a variety of industries and municipalities across Canada, the United States and Mexico.


Rented and temporarily installed a water softener from a local company to test the viability of producing emulsion using soft water, with the final goal of preventing build-up in process heat exchangers. Fouling in our heat exchangers is an operational reality when using untreated city water, but it can be greatly reduced with some simple process modifications. Fouling reduces heat exchanger efficiency, leads to higher-than-required utility use and decreases lifespan of the equipment.

Hamilton and Burlington



~$70,000 capital investment; <$10,000/year operating and maintenance costs

Payback period
~2 years

Natural gas reductions
18,250 m3/year


Water savings
7,000 m3/year

Cost savings

Additional savings 
Additional savings will be achieved through reduction of overtime hours worked, waste generated and energy required for routine heat exchanger cleanings. Fewer required cleanings will also greatly extend the lifespan of the heat exchangers, so maintenance and replacement costs will drop accordingly.

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Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation

Upgraded over 300 new stove ranges with Safe-T-Elements.


Trinity United Church

More efficiently programmed heating cycles, added a layer on stained glass windows, and improved door seals with inexpensive consumer solutions.

York Region

Alectra Utilities (York Region)

Conducted an idling reduction initiative for fleet and personal vehicles at service centres.

Hamilton and Burlington


Changed eight standard 1500W wall mounted convection heaters to eight 800W ceiling mounted far infrared radiant heaters.