Case Studies

Demonstrating sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand

Trinity United Church

Trinity United is a small community church in Capreol, Ontario, operated as a small non-profit organization administered and maintained by volunteers and funded by members.


Achieved energy optimization and building envelope improvements through more efficient programming of heating cycles, adding a layer on stained glass windows, and improving door seals with inexpensive consumer solutions.


Other services (except public administration)



Payback period
1.5 years

Natural gas reductions
~1,500 m3/year (projected)

Energy reductions
~1,000 kWh/year (projected)

Cost savings

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Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation

Replaced all 24-hour fluorescent lighting with LED lights.

York Region

Alectra Utilities (York Region)

Conducted an idling reduction initiative for fleet and personal vehicles at service centres.

Waterloo Region

City of Kitchener

Installed a coil on a supply air duct at City Hall to reclaim the heat exhausted through the evaporative fluid cooler that is created when the air handling unit is in dehumidification mode.


Changed eight standard 1500W wall mounted convection heaters to eight 800W ceiling mounted far infrared radiant heaters.