Case Studies

Demonstrating sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand

Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation

Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation is a social housing provider that manages of 1,577 rent-geared-to-income, rent-supplemented housing units, senior and adult units in the City of Kingston and Frontenac County, Ontario.


Upgraded over 300 new stove ranges with Safe-T-Elements, saving 166 kWh per stove each year.




$180,700 – $8,700 incentive from Utilities Kingston = $172,000

Payback period
7.5 years

Energy reductions
140,000 kWh/year

GHG reductions
7 tonnes of GHGs/year

Cost savings
$24,000/year for electricity
($299,000 over 20 years)

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York Region

Alectra Utilities (York Region)

Conducted an idling reduction initiative for fleet and personal vehicles at service centres.

Hamilton and Burlington

Walker Emulsions

Rented and temporarily installed a water softener to test the viability of producing emulsion using soft water, with the goal of preventing build-up in process heat exchangers.


Trinity United Church

More efficiently programmed heating cycles, added a layer on stained glass windows, and improved door seals with inexpensive consumer solutions.


Changed eight standard 1500W wall mounted convection heaters to eight 800W ceiling mounted far infrared radiant heaters.