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Case Studies

Onyx Energy

Onyx has shown that going green can be an asset — a way to bring your team together and to foster commitment and pride in the organization.

City of Kitchener

The City of Kitchener realized GHG reductions and cost savings by installing a coil on a supply air duct.

Hillfield Strathallan College

Hillfield Strathallan College has worked to embed a culture of sustainability throughout the school by integrating it into academic programming and strategic plans.

Royal Botanical Gardens

As an organization with a mandate to connect people, plants, and place to serve our planet, RBG has long held environmental stewardship at the core of its strategic priorities.

Walker Emulsions

Walker Emulsions realized natural gas reductions as well as water and cost savings by installing a water softener.


Lightenco realized GHG reductions and cost savings by replacing two of their trucks with electric vehicles.

Split Rail Brewing Co.

The founders of Split Rail knew that they wanted to create a business with strong social responsibility and environmental values that contributed to the local economy.

Trinity United Church (Capreol)

Trinity United Church realized natural gas and energy reductions as well as cost savings through energy optimization and building envelope improvements.


Recognizing that growing food has an impact on the environment, Heeman’s has always searched for better solutions to minimize their environmental impact.

Alectra Utilities (York Region)

Alectra Utilities realized GHG reductions and cost savings by conducting an idling reduction initiative for fleet and personal vehicles.

Compugen Finance

Compugen Finance developed CarbonBank, the world’s first program that creates verified carbon credits from the sale of refurbished technology.

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