Trinity United Church


Hub: Green Economy North

Trinity United Church describes itself as being the ’People of Faith’. The Church comprises a large heritage building in Downtown North Bay, which includes a first-floor community space (with a large, serviced kitchen and multi-purpose Hall / Dining area); plus, a second-floor sanctuary / place of worship, that seats up to 300 people. Ancillary offices and storage areas are located throughout. The Church is committed to equity through accessibility, and strives to ensure all of its programs, goods, and services are delivered in ways that respect the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. The second-floor sanctuary can be reached via a lift, and the space is equipped with a listening system. Its greeters are also trained to take care of individuals with a wide range of special needs. The Church believes we are all connected, and part of a greater spiritual cause. They are a close-knit Church Family, which promotes sitting down and eating together, laughing, and learning as a Church family. Trinity United Church aims to provides a family-friendly space, while catering to every age, race, class, and lifestyle. They are a Christian community which aims to make a difference by supporting, feeding, and caring for people in need – beyond the congregation itself. The Church aims to make the world “richer, less broken and alone, more healed, happy, and whole”. Trinity united Church also recognizes that we are gathered on lands that have been cared for and inhabited by many Indigenous Peoples from time immemorial to the present. They acknowledge,
in particular, the Nipissing First Nation, and are grateful for their history, their spiritual practices, and their stewardship of this land. Trinity United Church has requested support from Green Economy North to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the cost of utilities, while reducing its Green House Gas emissions.


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Date Joined:

June 30, 2023