Trestle Brewing Co.


Hub: Green Economy North

Trestle Brewing Company is an independently owned craft brewery located in downtown Parry Sound, ON. The contaminated property had been vacant for 25 years and was purchased in 2015. The facility was built in 2017 after completing the first commercial phase 3 remediation in the history of Parry Sound under the provincial brownfield program. The brewery is situated on the banks of the Ziigwaan (Seguin) River, a sensitive receiver that flows into Georgian Bay.

Trestle opened in June 2018 with 12 employees and now employs 50+ staff during peak season serving over 135,000 guest visits on site annually. They distribute our products to over 100 licensees and 200 LCBO retail locations across Ontario.

Some key Sustainability Programs that Trestle has completed include:

§ Introducing Processed Water Heat Recovery and Water Use Reduction Systems – now enabling one of the lowest rates of water per litre of beer produced in the province of Ontario (as verified by RiverLabs, St. Lawrence River Institute).
§ Installing high efficiency insulated glycol piping that increases energy efficiency.
§ Installing a high efficiency air compressor that reduces electricity consumption.
§ Installing a bulk malt silo logistics system – that contributes to reduced Transportation GHG emissions.
§ Installing an automatic process water temperature mixing station, to conserve energy during the brewing process.
§ The side-streaming of high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) to process waste products including spent grain, yeast, hops, and trub.
§ Yeast harvesting, cropping, and vitality testing to reduce input costs, and reduce high BOD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) waste.
§ Installation of an EQ (Equalization) tank for brewery wastewater upstream of the Municipal Wastewater System (MWWS) to reduce BOD and TSS.
§ LED lighting fixtures throughout.
§ Use of electric cooking appliances including sous vide immersion cookers and induction burners
§ A partnership with a local Utility Company to install a Free-to-use L3 EV charging station.
§ The planting of native species, and stewardship to ensure invasive species removal – including a partnership to establish a new greenspace called “The Butterfly Garden” along with other community stakeholders.
§ FeastON Certification sourcing over 30% of our food and 99% of our beverages from Ontario farmers, growers, and producers





Date Joined:

May 23, 2023