Split Rail Brewery


Hub: Green Economy North

Split Rail Brewing is based in the idyllic rural community of Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island. The brewery prides itself on the production and sale of craft beer, which is now being sold in locations across the Province of Ontario. They also recently introduced an all-natural locally sourced and berry-based non-alcoholic drink made from the Hawberry – an Island icon; plus introduced a new locally sourced menu, with some delicious cuisine! Split Rail cares deeply about their social, environmental, and economic impact. The company has been a member of our Green Economy North program for several years now, and we have assisted them in making choices from sustainable packaging, to support obtaining funding for an entire new canning line. This development enabled them to reduce their total Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions, while placing an emphasis on local jobs, and greater control over the production process. Split Rail eliminates the waste associated with grain leftover from the brewing process, by delivering spent grain to farmers for feeding livestock. It continues to explore a range of ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save money!





Date Joined:

May 15, 2019