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Onyx has shown that going green can be an asset — a way to bring your team together and to foster commitment and pride in the organization.


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Date Joined:

September 22, 2018

“When we opened up to our team, about how passionate the Onyx leadership team was about sustainability, we were deeply impressed to see how much they all wanted to support conservation internally and with our client base.”

— Angel-Marie Reiner, President, Onyx Energy

Uncovering Employees’ Passion for Sustainability

Every year, the Waterloo Region Green Economy Hub — the Regional Sustainability Initiative — holds a 30-day Carbon Cleanse competition to engage employees at local businesses that are members of the Hub. The Carbon Cleanse is a series of sustainability challenges following four weekly themes: water, energy, waste, and commuting.

After joining the Regional Sustainability Initiative in 2018, Onyx participated in the Carbon Cleanse for the first time in 2019. While Angel-Marie Reiner, the President of Onyx Energy, had started the business knowing that she wanted to offer solutions to empower individuals to make more sustainable choices, she had no idea how much Onyx’s individual employees were passionate about sustainability.

The Onyx employees fully and enthusiastically committed themselves to the various Carbon Cleanse challenges, turning down the thermostat in the office and at their homes, gathering together for several vegetarian, zero waste team potlucks, and collecting car loads of e-waste. They shared their progress actively through social media. After an exceptionally competitive contest, with rankings changing every week, Onyx won a tight contest to become the 2019 Carbon Cleanse winner.

Small businesses can often feel pressed for time and resources to act on sustainability. Onyx’s experience shows that going green can be an asset, a way to bring your team together and to foster commitment and pride in the organization.

Sustainability Highlights



Planted over 8,000 trees since 2016. Participate in several tree planting events annually, and provide tree seedlings for planting for new contracts.



Employees are able to work from home 4 days of the week, reducing significant commuting carbon emissions.



Hold twice a year electronic waste drives at the properties where they provide sub-metering services.