Mine Connect


Hub: Green Economy North

Mine Connect is Ontario’s Mining Supply & Services Association. The organization has an interactive online presence and delivers a series of in-person training sessions and professional networking events each year – to support additional knowledge, capacity-building, and connections among its growing list of members.
Mine Connects’ member organizations are globally recognized for their research and innovation. Many are involved in the development and manufacturing of custom-designed products and services that support the advancement of best practices within the Mining Supply & Service Sector.
Some sector-specific examples include automation, software, ventilation, Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) technology, communications, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), mobile and fixed equipment; all of which, have the potential to increase efficiencies, improve air quality, reduce costs, and lower Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.
The Mine Connect team works primarily in communities across Northeastern Ontario; however, also leases an office at NORCAT – which aims to be a global “one-stop shop” for future mining technology and innovation, providing education, training and supports to assist entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and skilled workers. Working in partnership, Mine Connect and NORCAT aim to support the longer-term sustainable economic development and social prosperity of Northern Ontario.


Professional, scientific and technical services



Date Joined:

May 17, 2023