Knowhere Public House Inc.


Hub: Green Economy London

The Knowhere Public House, located on the fringes of Downtown Sudbury, provides an alternative, authentic, and artisan-like experience to the satisfaction of its growing list of customers.

An early post-pandemic success story, the Knowhere Place is truly unique, as it effectively utilizes a former Car Dealership – optimizing solar gain through its large South and Southwest-facing windows. The natural lighting that results, creates a strong and welcoming sense of community – with the Knowhere Place also priding itself on being a safe and welcoming place for all.

Although a relatively new venue, the Knowhere Place has already adopted some environmentally progressive ways of conducting business. It effectively blends upcycled furniture with high-quality regional and Canadian-sourced products. This versatile all-day venue regularly serves up Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Craft Beer, and other drinks.

With more greening projects in the works, the venue has quickly earned the reputation of being one of Sudbury’s most welcoming community spaces for the grassroots of Sudbury.


Accommodation and food services



Date Joined:

February 6, 2023