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Heaterrra is a retail based Refillery located in the City of Sault Ste Marie. Its vision is to enrich life, and support ways to revitalize the natural environment. Hearterra offers a selection of high-quality and sustainable household cleaning products, beverages, and personal care items, which are either made locally, or produced by well-known sustainability-inspired brands. Products can either be purchased in-person or online. Online purchases can be collected from the Hearterra storefront location or delivered within the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Hearterra has adopted the following core values to guide its operations moving forward: § We Care! Tremendous care is taken in choosing products, processes and services that are wholesome, benefit the environment first, are safe, efficient and of the highest quality.§ We are True! We are honest, pure, and true in our intentions and actions, and are compassionate, socially responsible, and respectful with all our partners.§ We have wholehearted passion! We make conscious choices that support the health of people and the planet. We engage in responsible partnerships that foster environmental protection and sustainability with the ethical treatment of workers to promote conscious consumerism in all we do.§ We are innovative, and curious, and fun! We solve problems using innovative technologies and aim for continuous improvement and education.Another key message the owner’s wish to convey is the need to acknowledge the challenges related to our shift to a Net Zero future, at the same time as making the best of what we have available to us right now. Hearterra takes the view that every small change helps, and we need to celebrate the milestones reached along the way – as we continue to learn together….NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE STEPS WE TAKE ARE. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE COLLECTIVELY FOR OUR COMMUNITY.


Retail trade



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May 11, 2023