Reza Moridi
Minister of Research & Innovation

Moridi currently serves as Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, as well as Minister of Research and Innovation. Moridi is an award-winning scientist, engineer, educator, business leader and community activist. He was appointed Minister of Research and Innovation in February 2013. He moved to Canada with his family in 1990, and has lived in Richmond Hill since 1991.

Moridi has served as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, and the Minister of Research and Innovation. He was the Vice-Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Jobs and the Economy, and has serve d on the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Standing Committees on General Government and on Justice Policy (as Vice-Chair).

Prior to his election, Moridi was the Vice-President and Chief Scientist of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. His 17-year career at this institute provided him with a thorough understanding of the nuclear industry in Canada and the application of radiation and nuclear materials in a variety of industrial and health care sectors.

For his contributions to the understanding of nuclear materials, radiation and health physics, Moridi has received the Education and Communication Award from the Canadian Nuclear Society and the Fellow Award from the U.S. Health Physics Society. He was elected as a Fellow of the UK Institute of Physics and the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology for his original contribution to physics and engineering.