With a shared vision for creating a more sustainable future, four leading sustainability organizations in Canada have partnered to organize the Green Economy: Ontario. Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR), The Natural Step Canada, Sustainable Prosperity, Sustainability CoLab, and The Ivey Foundation are proud to present a one-day conference, on November 5th, 2015 at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto, ON.

Ontario is Canada’s second largest province and has a population of more than 13.5 million – it is home to approximately 1 in every 4 Canadians. Because of its substantial economic and political influence, demonstrated sustainability leadership within the province has the potential to inspire other jurisdictions to take action. As leading sustainability organizations in Canada, we have decided to pool our collective resources and networks for the purpose of shaping the future we all want

The global economy in which Ontario operates is vastly different than it was two decades ago. It is more global, competitive and increasingly more demanding of responsible, productive and efficient management of natural capital. The recent statement by G7 Leaders about the need to phase out fossil fuel is but one harbinger of the growing move toward more environmentally sustainable energy systems and economies.

These changes create opportunity for economies that can adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Ontario’s future prosperity will be defined by how its businesses, and governments, respond to changing climate and demand for greener products and services. Success will depend on how quickly we move relative to other economies that are responding to these same global trends. This one-day conference will highlight the opportunities for Ontario to prosper in a global green economy and how we can set the stage for innovation in the private sector, in public policy, and in our communities.

Sustainable Prosperity Canada’s leading green economy think tank and do tank; it brings a wealth of research and knowledge around how public policy can drive clean innovation and green growth.

Sustainability CoLab supports a network of local environmental organizations across Ontario to launch and grow target – based sustainability programs for businesses. These programs reduce businesses’ environmental impact, increase their profitability, and in turn, grow the low-carbon economy.

The Ivey Foundation’s mission is to help create a shared vision for Canada’s future — one that integrates economy and environment, achieves resource efficiency, and fosters innovation and investment for a smarter, sustainable economy.

CBSR aims to accelerate and scale corporate social and environmental sustainability in Canada by strategically bringing together stakeholders to collectively tackle key issues.

The Natural Step Canada has built a solid track record in Canada supporting the emergence of role models for sustainable communities and business.